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First and foremost, we need some answers. Read this about what questions might be asked::

Write to those who can make this happen:

The Mayor of London

Your MP:

London Assembly members: use this format for contacting them:

Demand a full public enquiry and a criminal investigation for those responsible for bypassing rules and procedure and ultimately squandering £47m of public money with very little to show for it. There is still no breakdown of exactly how that money has been spent. Our chairman Michael Ball names and shames some of those responsible here and former TfL top brass are named here

Tell Sadiq we need a full itemised breakdown of the Garden Bridge Trust's spending as it has all been public money that's been wasted. There needs ot be a full inquiry about how TfL's Richard De Cani, Isabel Dedring, Edward Lister, Mike Brown and Sir Peter Hendy were allowed to get away with actively promoting the Garden Bridge when it was obvious that  proper procedures were being bypassed under Boris Johnson's orders to get the bridge underway as soon as possible. And let's not forget former mayor Boris Johnson and former Chancellor George Osbourne who abused their powers and played with our money for their casual amusement - they are more to blame than anyone else.

Write to key council leaders who put their boroughs at stake in a gamble to build the biggest vanity project in decades:

Lambeth council Lib Peck:

Westminster council Nickie Aiken

Ask them to support the call for accountability for all the money lost by the Garden Bridge Trust.




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